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Salvage & Towage of Ships

Asha Marine is an emerging service provider in today's marine salvage industry and is developing as one of the island's leading emergency contractor, performing consistently salvage services than any other company. We provide a comprehensive range of essential services related to salvage, including pollution prevention and control, cargo salvage and preservation, rescue at sea, firefighting, sub-sea operations, deep-sea towages and off-shore support to ensure continues assistance for shipping industry in the isle.


Dredging is an inseparable task from salvation. Unsuitable planning for dredging could complicate the operation. Chinese expertise is utilized in order to result the ideal solutions. We operate most efficient pumping systems capable of excavating gravel, sand, crushed ore, coal slurries, fly ash, wash fines, mud, sewage and water treatment sludge. We minimize the obstruction such as large objects collecting on the unnecessarily much larger surface area of the suction strainer, material stuck in inside after closing delaying performance, water entering to the motor.


It requires an amazing amount of skill and patience in order to succeed. Technical diver is challenged by cave diving, diving amongst the sharks and rebreather diving. Our divers are trained to carry out the job in different conditions such as closed circuit rebreathers, cave diving, rescues diving and tri-mix.


We are active in the salvage industry with and undertaking challenged salvage operations in Pulmoddai. The combined experience in personnel involve in the operation lead to success. Certified, approved and quality achieved staffs, equipment, surveys and examinations are occupied in the operations to ensure the investment of the client meaningful and end in productivity.