Our Packages


In Water Surveys of Ships

Underwater survey is required in prior to docking, purchase, or sell and classification of the ship. Our skilled labourers are occupied with high technology and equipment to conduct a standard survey in water as well as afloat. Taking each ship individually and following the guideline and inspection of Classification society, we perform the task as surveying the ship.

Supply of Bunkers to Ships outside harbor

Our barges are licensed by both port in Harbour and anchorage to supply bunkers to vessels.

Ship to shore transport for crew

Our barge vessels with AC and non AC cabins with 44 beds, sanitary facility, Laundry, Gallery for 45 persons, cold storage, Provision store, provides a comfortable accommodation in a well maintained atmosphere for transportation of crew.
A safe and hassle free journey is ensured by our professionals on the accommodation provided within Sri Lanka waters. Our vessels posses the capacity to operate as a ferry service from a ship moored offshore to bring in heavy loads and supplies.

Transportation of Material and Equipment Outside

Asha marine warehouse is located in pulmodai stores, maintains salvage & towage, anti-pollution and diving equipment. We have our own team of personnel, being employed under the group salvage engineer, to make the equipment available for any salvage inquiry. Thus we engage in networking and maintaining good relationships with suppliers worldwide, which enables us to access most of the marine equipment.
Equipment owned by the group includes:

  •   Electric submersible pumps - from 20m3p/h up to 350m3p/h
  •   Diaphragm air pumps – from up to 40m3
  •   Diesel driven generators - from 10kva up to 300
  •   Kvayokohama pneumatic fender – various sizes from 2.5m in length up to 5.5m in length
  •   Diesel driven air compressors – from 100m3/h up to 1,500m3/h
  •   Lifting parachutes – varying capacities from 5tons up to 35tons
  •   Diving equipment
  •   Diesel driven hydraulic power packs
  •   Electric driven power packs
  •   Sts (ship to ship) transfer hoses – up to 8inches diameter
  •   Breathing air compressor (twin cylinder)
  •   Scuba diving cylinders
  •   Complete diving cylinders
  •   Under water cutting complete gears
  •   Welding generators
  •   Complete boat and engine
  •   Sumitamo crane

Providing Supply Boats

We provide work barge, tugs and OBM for your next project. We assure the quality and on-time repairs for the vessels which you hire from us.

Underwater Video Filming & Monitoring

A skilled diver is better in filming underwater than the same job is done by novice cameramen. Our team is skilled in every moment such as get close enough to coral without damaging it or wild marine life with taking care of safety of him. They are trained in still photography with free diving take time and patience to master, to swim freely with wonderful wild life.

Deep diving work for Hydro Power Dams

Skilled divers are a precious man power. Our certified diver, experienced more than 18 years in Marine practices are outsourced for underwater marine projects at reasonable packages. Observational skill and deep diving are the most obvious requirement for underwater film making. They are trained properly to protect coral, wild marine life and marine plants, expecting to retrain from pollute in the sea and the sea bed. All types of high tech diving equipments are provided to ensure continuous service to our client.